At the time of writing, the Olympics is gripping the nation, and that means many people will be dipping their toes into their favourite sports more than ever before.

But what about when the time comes to store away your sports equipment and all the paraphernalia that comes with it?

What if you run a sports club and have a house or garage full of kit that isn’t used for long stretches of the year?

Good news – it’s self-storage to the rescue! Lots of our customers book storage units for this purpose, and, today, we’re going to reveal ten tips they rely on when storing their sports equipment.


  1. Keep it climate-controlled

If you have a bunch of skis, snowboards or any other sports gear that could go rusty while not in use, self-storage is a great idea.

For instance, our storage units are climate-controlled, which means your gear will always be in tip-top condition while out of use.


  1. Free up space at the club

If you’re running a sports club, chances are you’ll be fairly limited with space, and having your sports gear cluttering the place is less than ideal.

So, why not free up that space by instead investing in self-storage? It’s more cost-effective that you might think and is totally secure, too.


  1. Keep your balls in order

Some sports gear is a pain to store because there’s so much of it. Take balls, for instance; whether it’s rugby, football, or tennis, you’ve probably got a fair few of them.

To make storing your balls as easy as it should be, use a few cords of bungee and a square frame to create your own ball storage that can be hung from the ceiling to save floor space.


  1. Check the owner’s manual

Some sports equipment needs to be stored in very specific conditions, and if you avoid the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you could end up with damaged goods.

To avoid this, double-check exactly how you should store your sports kit. If it suggests somewhere warm, dry, and away from the elements, self-storage might be the best solution, and way better than a dusty and damp garage.


  1. Make sure it’s dry and clean

A bit like wet tents, there’s nothing worse than packing away sports gear when it has just been used or showered on by Mother Nature.

Make sure you thoroughly dry your sports gear and equipment before you store it away for any length of time. It’s worth the effort – trust us!


  1. Buy some laundry bags

It might be tempting to simply throw your team’s sportswear into a few bin bags, but that’s not exactly the best way to take care of those garments.

Instead, invest in some laundry bags and carefully fold and store the clothing in there. They’ll be as fresh as daisies when you unearth them, as a result.


  1. Avoid plastic at all costs

If you need to store a lot of sports gear, you might be tempted to use plastic bags. This really is best avoided.

The reason is simple: plastic doesn’t breathe, therefore you could do serious damage to the clothing if you use it for storage. And no one wants a mouldy shirt. Instead, check out tip 6, or use proper equipment bags with zippers left partially down to allow air in.


  1. Use ceiling hooks

When storing large sports gear such as bikes and surfboards, taking up floor space isn’t ideal. Instead, use ceiling hooks or racks and hang those items from them.

That keeps the gear in good condition and ensures you retain as much floor space as possible.


  1. Use shoe racks

Before you simply throw your sports shoes into a bag or box – stop!

To ensure they’re well cared for while in storage and, cubically, easy to find, buy yourself a shoe rack and place them in there instead. It really is worth the money.


  1. Keep an inventory!

Our last tip is simple. Make sure you keep a detailed inventory of all the sports gear you’re storing. That’ll make it easier to locate stuff and ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Your future self will thank you for being organised!

Need somewhere to book your sports gear? Just get in touch with the friendly storage team at Squab to find out how we can help.