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Secure storage is an absolute must when you have anything that you wish to keep safe.

Keeping valuables in the home is rarely seen as safe by many authorities anymore. Equally, keeping confidential business records long-term within the office can become very impractical, depending on how much space your business has. Having secure storage available means that you have a dedicated secure space to store whatever you or your organisation values and wishes to remain safe.

Having secure storage as a business also helps you meet requirements under GDPR and government regulations on details of money transfers, with minimal impact on your business. With increased levels of regulations comes increased requirement for secure storage of records by businesses. Though few businesses can account for this level of requirement when leasing, or purchasing, premises for business purposes. For many businesses the price per sq ft makes secure storage of records very expensive too, especially in inner city locations.

There are many reasons for having secure storage facilities for your personal possessions, business documentation and other items.

So knowing how to get reliable secure storage is vitally important.

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Secure Storage Knowing What It Is And How To Get It Reliably

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What Is Secure Storage?

What is secure storage? In simple terms, secure storage is a dedicated space where items that you place there are kept safe from harm.

Secure storage is all secure to varying degrees. With some secure storage units being more secure than others. Common factors which govern the level of security are use of cameras, traditional physical locks, keycode access points, swipe cards and monitoring of various types.

Simple secure storage can be a lock-up garage type unit, with more advanced and more secure storage having 24/7 monitoring using CCTV cameras, key card access for getting into the storage facility, followed by keypad access or traditional locks for the individual secure storage units themselves.

What Is The Safest Lock For A Storage Unit?

The type of lock which is safest for a storage unit can change very rapidly. It can also be influenced by various factors including exposure to the elements, the last thing you want is rain causing corrosion or jamming the mechanism. Or, sun damage leading to seizing of the lock.

When your secure storage unit is within a dedicated self storage unit facility, that is undercover, the choices become simpler in terms of what type of lock to use.

One point that is worth considering, and often remarked on by security experts, is about having locks which blend in with their surroundings.

Sometimes, it can be more secure to have a less secure lock that blends in with those on other secure storage units, so that no-one is drawn to your unit due to the type of lock it has. High security locks being used when other people have simpler locks, can trigger people to think about what is being secured, and whether they should attempt to force access themselves.

Combination padlocks are about the last thing that should be used on secure storage units. While they do save problems if keys are lost, they do require combinations being kept secure. Most people will need to write down a combination, if it is a random one, and writing down combinations brings further security issues.

Anything with a long shackle is unwise, as the shackle tends to be a weak point which can be easily cut or forced. Disc locks, or round shackle padlocks are good for security. They have very little of the shackle exposed and as a result are very difficult to cut open with bolt cutters or saws. Plus, most have to be locked with a key, rather than just pressed closed, making them good for use in secure storage units.

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How Do You Secure A Storage Unit?

How do you secure a storage unit? Professionally. In order to properly secure a storage unit a lot of measures need to be taken. While high quality locks may think you have secure storage, unless those locks are monitored, and there is restricted access to the unit itself, it is far from secure.

Doors can also be weak points, especially garage doors which are relatively thin, and can easily be pushed out of place. Or forced up.

Anyone wanting reliable secure storage is strongly advised to get secure storage with a professional storage company. That way, you can be assured that things like keycard access to facilities is there restricting access to unauthorised personnel. While CCTV helps keep the place secure, with anyone entering knowing that they are being monitored. If anyone attempts to force entry, their presence will be noted.

Securing a storage unit can be expensive with all the security measures needed. So rather than attempting to secure a storage unit, get proper secure storage at a more reasonable price with dedicated secure storage facilities designed by security professionals.

How Do You Store Your Belongings?

How you store belongings, archive files, business materials, etc. in secure storage depends on various factors, not least of which is what is actually being stored.

Materials must be considered, along with their environment. In humid environments protection from moisture becomes a big concern where document storage is concerned.

When you have temperature and humidity controlled secure storage units things become far easier. When the environment is uniform, and within what would be normal room conditions, cardboard storage boxes become the standard option, or file boxes in the case of things like legal files going into secure storage for archive purposes.

For most cases cardboard boxes will be good enough for items going into secure storage.

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Secure Storage Near Me?

There are numerous secure storage facilities located around most towns and cities. Of course each facility has differing levels of security, so checking what standards each secure storage facility has is a wise thing to do.

Squab Storage has:

Contacting staff in those locations, or viewing their security levels via their pages is a good place to start.

Getting Reliable Secure Storage To Keep Your Things Safe

Knowing how to keep your things safe is always something that raises concern.

Having readily accessible secure storage, so that you can have peace of mind can really help close those concerns off. Squab Storage has specially built secure storage facilities in key locations around the Midlands in the UK, and has gained international recognition on an industry level for its professionalism and reliability. So for quality, reliable secure storage, contact Squab Storage.

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