Great news for our company, as we are officially opening a new storage facility in June 2023! As part of our storage expansion from our Midlands base, we are opening a storage facility in the business centre of Stownmarket. This will be a brand new storage facility and it’s a 32,000 square foot facility built to host all kinds of relevant storage requirements.

More than 100 small and developing enterprises may call the £3.5 million structure at Atex Business Park home. The facility is located on Gun Cotton Way and is set too be a revolutionary storage facility in the area. We are Squab Storage, a Warwickshire-based company which now has facilities in Leamington, Evesham, and Rubery in the West Midlands, where it accommodates more than 200 enterprises.

Its cutting-edge skyscraper in Stowmarket, which is scheduled to debut in the spring, has already begun construction. After the firm launched a UK-wide hunt for new talent, Squab director Alex Henney, who is originally from close to Framlingham, claimed the region had been recognised as a growth hotspot. Infact, our directors Emlyn Evans and Alex Henney have done a great interview regarding this storage facility on East Anglian Daily Times.

We are very excited to open this storage facility to the locals in and around Stowmarket, as we believe we have a a great storage facility that the locals can benefit from. We are attempting to cater for a wide range of different people, businesses and industries. We have a good team that is experienced, so we are well suited to providing assistance to a large target market. We are experts at providing a great level of customer service to both residential and business tenants in storage, so we know we are cable of meeting a wide range of needs. We believe this project will be a great investment to the people in the area.