If you’ve got a tonne of coats and boots which need to be stored away long or short term, you might be wondering where to start.

Whether they’re your own collection or simply the entire family’s, you’ll want to do this safely and in a way which doesn’t damage them.

People often need to store coats and boots either during a house move or in preparation for the summer months when they won’t be needed. So, let’s look at a few creative ways to store yours.


Preparing coats and boots for storage

Like so many things in life, storing your coats and boots correctly starts with a bit of prep work and planning.

Begin by gathering all the items you’ll need to store. Then, give them a clean:

  • For boots: wipe the soles and heels with a damp cloth or use a suede brush to gently remove any large patches of dirt.
  • For coats: wash them according to label instructions or simply give them a wipe with a damp cloth.

Remember that footwear might misshape over time when stored, so it’s a good idea to stuff them with socks or newspaper to fill them out and retain their shape.

To keep everything smelling fresh and to ensure moths don’t do their dirty work while your coats and boots are in storage, you can try using cedar balls or lavender sprays or bags.

Lastly, before you commit anything to storage – let it dry first!


Picking the right storage vessel

It might be tempting to simply throw everything into a single storage box when it comes to your shoes and coats, but that’s not going to do them much good – particularly after all the preparation you’ve carried out.

The trick is to pick storage vessels which suit the items you’re storing. It also depends where you’re storing them; if the destination is a self-storage unit, sturdy boxes will do fine, whereas if you’re simply storing everything in nooks and crannies at home, you’ll need something more pliable.

Let’s look at three options.

  1. Storage bins

These are great if you’re using self-storage or have a large space in which to store your boots and coats.

They’re really affordable, too. Usually made from plastic, they’re durable and not too heavy, plus you can see inside them in case you need to quickly locate something.

  1. Storage bags

When it comes to storing coats, you can’t really go wrong with storage bags. Whether they’re made from vinyl or canvas with see-through tops, they’re great for packing tight and are nice and pliable, too.

Just like storage bins, you can also stack bags while in storage. Many have carrying handles, too, making transport super easy. Don’t forget to label them so you’ll know what’s inside.

  1. Hangers and garment bags

If you have particularly expensive or delicate coats, garment bags are your best bet.

These allow coats to be hung during storage – just make sure you use the right width hangers which keep the shape of your coats intact. You can also find ‘petite-friendly’ hangers and garment bags for the kids’ stuff.


Where to store

This largely depends on the reason for storing your boots and coats. If you’re simply looking to declutter or, when summer eventually arrives, get boots and coats out of sight, the options above should make it relatively easy to tuck them away.

However, if you don’t have the space at home, self-storage is a great option. It can be booked affordably and is about as convenient as it gets when it comes to access. To find out more, just get in touch with the Squab team.