We are excited to announce that Squab has formed a partnership with Hertz 24/7 to provide van hire services from all our self-store sites. This new service will start on the 8th of June 2023 and all van hire bookings up until that date will go ahead as normal.

This new van hire service will dramatically speed up the van hire process for customers using the Hertz 24/7 app, provide enhanced flexibility in terms of rental periods and all vans will be new/nearly new. The vans are long wheelbase Ford Transits which are large vans with ample transportation space for both domestic and commercial customers. The vans will be based on all our sites so to hire a van go your local Squab Storage site as normal to pick it up.

Please note the new vans are available for hire, hourly, two hourly, four hourly, daily and longer giving you greater flexibility. Also the Hertz 24/7 van hire pricing is competitive with our current Squab Self Drive pricing.

There is a £5 annual membership charge to join Hertz 24/7, however, their rental rates are competitive compared to other van hire providers and you also have the flexibility to hire a van from multiple locations around the country. All customers can join the Hertz 24/7 membership immediately.

Please be aware that all van bookings post the 8th of June 2023 will have to join the Hertz 24/7 membership scheme to hire the vans. Your local Squab Storage team will contact anyone who already has a booking in place post the 8th of June to explain how you can sign up and rebook.