What do you think when you hear the term ‘self-storage unit’?

It’ll probably conjure up images of people storing stuff away either for a house move or simply because they don’t have room at home.

Indeed, those are two of the most common reasons people book self-storage units, but there are many, many more. Trust us – we’ve seen some incredibly inventive uses for our self-storage units at Squab.

Today, we’ll reveal some of the most creative, exciting use cases for self-storage that we’ve seen so far. They might inspire you!


Why is self-storage being used for different purposes?

This is definitely a trend we’ve seen develop over the last few years.

The practice of using self-storage units for purposes other than simply storing worldly belongings and possessions is becoming more widespread.

There’s one very good reason for this. Whether you’re using that space for a business, dance school or stock room, you have ultimate flexibility.

You can spin up a self-storage unit when you need it, and end the contract whenever you like. It’s also ultra-secure, which means there’s pretty much nowhere better to leave your important or valuable stuff.


Alternative use cases for self-storage units

We’ve seen lots of novel uses for our self-storage units, but these are some of our favourites.

For instance, there’s a gym operating in one of our spaces, as we type. Because, why not?!

There’s even a barbershop opening in one of our Evesham self-storage units, which is such a cool idea. It certainly provides the owner of that business with a rather unique selling point.

There’s also a pole dancing school coming soon to another one of our self-storage locations, and a number of carpet and bed operators using our spaces.

We even have a barista using one of our units!

See? There really is no limit at all to what you can use self-storage for. And because we have so many different sizes of self-storage available, the world really is your oyster.


What about offices?

Absolutely! In fact, we’ve seen a significant demand for self-storage units as offices over the last eighteen months.

There are a number of reasons for this. Some businesses are downsizing and reacting to the increased number of employees working from home. Others just want an affordable base from which to work.

Perhaps most importantly, the strict security measures we have in place at all of our self-storage locations are particularly attractive to business owners.

They make great stockrooms, too. So, if you don’t have room on site to store your stock, why not book a space with Squab?


Ready to book yours?

Have we inspired you to think differently about self-storage?

Excellent! In that case, we recommend getting in touch with our friendly storage team to find out how Squab can make its spaces work for you – whatever your requirements!