Are you moving house in Birmingham? Have you got a lot of clutter in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Are you getting stressed out over packing things up and finding a home for them in your new place? We’ve got you covered, as that’s where a self storage solution in Birmingham comes in. 

Let’s face it, moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. It takes a lot of paperwork, physical coordination, and money. You have to take time off work to get things packed up and shipped off to the right place. 

If you have a holding area for items (both sentimental and annoying) before finding a place to put them all, you’re unlikely to get as stressed out as you’re expecting. After all, your things will be taken care of in a secure storage space, and you can just pick them up when you’re ready to bring them home. 

But if you’re not sure about hiring storage space to help out during your move, here’s everything you need to know about working with a company like Squab Storage. 


Why Using Self Storage is Good for Moving

So, why use self storage when you’re moving? What’s the point of renting out a storage unit when you want to move all your items to your new place anyway? Here are just a few reasons the convenience of self storage is worth it. 

Gives you time to declutter

If you’ve got a lot of possessions to sort through, a self storage unit can make it a lot easier to declutter and work your way through. It’s common during a move for people to want to throw out and clear waste as much as possible. 

But if you’re not sure which items you want to keep, and have a pretty big ‘maybe’ pile, this is where self storage helps. You can still clear a room without having to dump a lot of stuff in the centre to deal with later on! 

It gives you more time on moving day

Self storage can free up a lot of time both before and during the move. If you’ve got a unit to use from the moment the move is confirmed, most of your stuff can be placed temporarily in a secure hold. This gives you a lot less to do on moving day! 

If you’ve got kids and want to ensure they’re not too disrupted, this can be a life saver! You can wake up normally, have breakfast, load up the car or van with the essentials, and get into your new home without worrying about handing back the keys in time. 

Moving Box - Relocation

You have a better chance to renovate

If your new place needs some TLC before it becomes a livable space, self storage keeps your most precious items out of the way of dangerous building and design work. This also means you have far fewer trip hazards to worry about, and nothing is going to get knocked over and smashed because a ladder was a little too cumbersome to carry. 

Long distance moving is much easier

Is your new place a few hundred miles away? A self storage unit gives you time to move in person and then come back for large items you can’t take with you in one go. This can definitely be a weight off for your peace of mind! 

Less chance of emotions running high

When emotions run high, arguments are likely, and you never know what might cause a short fuse to go off. It happens to all families on moving days! If you’re stressed and really feeling the pressure of loading the van, getting all the necessary documents signed, and the estate agent won’t stop blowing up your phone, a quiet self storage unit is just what you need to get through the day. 

You can move everything out of the old house and then figure it out from there, without wasting time or infringing on the contract you’ve signed with the new owner or your old landlord. 

You can get back to work soon

Another time saving benefit! If you’re worried about money right now, hiring self storage ensures you can get back to work much sooner. If you’ve booked more than a week off, you can now schedule a shift or two at the end of the week and get money flowing back into your bank. That’s a big stress buster if you’ve got a mortgage to worry about or the rent on your new place is higher than you’re used to. 


How Self Storage Can Be Used

Self storage is pretty flexible. You can store as much as you want in a unit without worry. Here are just a few things you can put in a storage unit during a move: 

  • Furniture
  • Valuable items
  • Small possessions
  • Clothing, accessories, and shoes
  • Toys and other children’s equipment

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule: 


What Can’t Be Stored

Some items you want to ship out of your home are likely to be unsuitable for self storage. Before you load everything into a unit, make sure you’re aware of the rules regarding non-storable possessions. 

Each storage company you work with is likely to have their own guidelines, but as a general rule of thumb, don’t pop anything in these categories into self storage:

  • Aerosol sprays and other flammable items
  • Plants or pets
  • Anything perishable
  • Anything ‘wet’ – some items can be dangerous thanks to their scented nature, such as used candles and shampoo and/or lotion bottles. 


Is Self Storage Secure?

Absolutely. When you’re working with a company like Squab Storage, you’ll have access to top facilities that are secured using combination padlocks and 24/7 CCTV. If anyone else tries to access the unit, you’ll instantly know about it. And you’ll be the only one with the code and/or key, so be sure to keep these in a safe place so you can access your unit without a problem. 


When to Use Self Storage During a Move

If you haven’t heard of self storage before, or you’re not sure if your moving process requires the use of one, here are just a few reasons why you might want to hire a unit.

If your moving timeline is incredibly tight, or has been extended

If you’re not sure about the amount of time you have to get yourself sorted out when moving house, hiring self storage is the best way to keep calm and make the most of the time you’ve got. 

When you’re not sure what you want to take with you

If you’re not sure what you want to take into your new home with you, a self storage unit will definitely help! You’ll have a lot more time to figure it out, even when you’re already in the new home. Once you’ve seen the space you’re working with, and you’ve been able to do some initial decorating, you can then pick and choose the right items for the place. 

When you’re headed somewhere temporarily

Moving to a new place just for a couple weeks? This is likely to happen if you’re on a tenancy and need to move out before finding a new place to live. If you want a temporary storage solution to help you, rent a unit and load your things in until you find a proper place to live. 

If you just need a storage solution

Let’s face it, you don’t need any special reason to use a self storage unit when you want to move house. You can just use it! Whether you want to store things for a couple days or you want to use a unit for 3 or more months on end, you can turn to self storage. You can get a personalised quote for the length of time and amount of time you need your items stored and go from there! 


Need Self Storage in Birmingham?

Moving house should be an exciting time in life – not an overwhelmingly stressful one! So, if you’re living and working in Birmingham, a self storage unit from Squab Storage could be the best way to streamline your move. 

Self storage gives you a very good chance to cut down the time and effort required to move home, and when you’re in the middle of packing up and feel like tearing your hair out, we’re only a call away! 

You can book a unit online and make as many trips to it as you need. Check out the location nearest to you to make sure you’re not going too far and then start shipping your items. 

We’ll also be on hand to advise if you’re not sure what can and can’t go in, or if you need some help moving bulkier items of furniture. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to help.