Got confidential items that need shredding? We can help.

It’s a long, boring task, right? But you need to destroy confidential documents to minimise risk. That’s why you should leave paper shredding to the Squab team.

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Paper Shredding

Confidential document destruction

Squab offers confidential document destruction services to households & businesses in Leamington Spa, Evesham, Rubery, Stowmarket, Bridgwater and surrounding areas, saving you time and money.

That means disposing of your documents in a secure, timely manner so you can rest assured your personal information remains… personal.

You’ll even get a certificate, if required. Remember – it’s better to shred than to be sorry!

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Our paper shredding services are available to all of our customers.

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Only £7 per sack
Fill your sack(s) with up to 16kg of paper. We don’t think you’ll find a more cost-effective option anywhere else.
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Flexible hours
We can work around you. Just tell us when you want the shredding to happen.
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No minimum quantity
Throw as much of it at us (not literally) as you like - one sack or multiple - we’ll ensure its all destroyed properly.
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Certificate of destruction
If you need one for ultimate peace of mind, you’ll be provided with confirmation it has been destroyed.
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Our Process

Paper shredding taken off your hands and done properly.

Our paper shredding service is about as final as it comes. If you leave your unwanted documents with us, they’ll be completely destroyed.

We use tools and experience to ensure every single page is destroyed beyond recognition, and we can do so at speed, thanks to industry-grade shredding machines.

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