Finding suitable storage solutions is one of the hardest challenges facing anyone who works with farm tools and machinery. Thankfully, though, there are a range of on site and self storage options available. With the right strategy and storage units in place, it will be possible to keep your farm tools safe and secure when they are not needed.


What is the best storing place for farm tools?

Approximately 70% of UK land is agricultural land and vast volumes only require farm tools to be used for a few months of the year. Meanwhile, some tools and equipment are used for one crop cycle before being stored away for a few weeks until they are needed again. Either way, finding the right off season storage is hugely important.

When storing farm tools, the best storage unit is one that’s dry, secure, and large enough to comfortably manage the high volume of small and large products that may be stored for several months at a time. There are several popular candidates, including but not limited to;

  • Farm sheds and barns,
  • Separate storage buildings,
  • Large storage containers,
  • Off site storage facilities.

The right storage units for farm tools will keep them in far better health during the post harvest periods. In turn, this can prolong their lifespan while also maintaining their appearance and performance. As a farmer or farm land owner, it subsequently saves time, money, and your sanity. Not least because it allows you to start using the tools immediately once they are needed again.


What are the things you need to consider in storing farm tools?

Even when starting a small agricultural business, asking “what farm equipment will I need?” will confirm that there is a long list of hand tools, power equipment, vehicles, machinery, and supplies that will be required. This includes a range of large, heavy items and smaller, lighter products. However, they all have important roles to play and require the correct storage.

While choosing the right storage units for farm tools will provide the perfect starting point, good maintenance will be equally vital. Here are 10 top tips to consider when storing your farm tools;


  • Always clean your farm tools before putting them in self storage,
  • Ensure that any batteries for power tools have been drained and stored,
  • Store tools in a dry location after use,
  • Rub vaseline on any metal parts to prevent rusting,
  • Keep farming tools away from excessive heat,
  • Store items like watering cans upside down so that they can properly drain,
  • Ensure that any bags are kept dry to prevent tearing,
  • Consider storing your biggest items at the back, unless they will be needed first,
  • Create walkways to provide access to tools that may be required sooner,
  • Fix damaged parts now rather than when you next need them.

Doing all of the above things will have a positive impact, especially when they are stored in a dry and appropriate setting.


Can I put a storage container on agricultural land?

In most cases, yes. Shipping containers and storage containers may be used on agricultural land as long as it meets two requirements;

  • The storage container is used as a temporary structure rather than a permanent feature,
  • You must own any agricultural land that the containers and self storage units for farm tools will be kept on.

A mobile self storage can be particularly useful in this instance because the shipping container can be delivered to your agricultural land. You can then fill it and have it picked up and transported back to a secure self storage facility. However, it should be noted that it won’t be a suitable option for heavy machinery.

Nevertheless, having a storage container on agricultural land can offer a compact, affordable, and versatile solution that’s suitable for many situations.


How do you store farm machinery?

The AEA estimates that the annual sales of farm machinery exceed £2.2bn in the UK annually. Some examples of heavy and expensive machinery that you may need on your agricultural land include;

  • Soil cultivation machines, 
  • Planting machines, 
  • Irrigation vehicles, 
  • Hay balers, 
  • Harvesting machines.

Covering machines and vehicles with covers is a good idea but you should avoid plastic sheets because this can cause issues with air circulation, which can contribute to rust. Even after putting a heavy duty cover on the farm vehicle, though, it’s always best to keep it secure in a barn or storage unit. This helps protect your assets from adverse weather as well as vandals or thieves.

Before you do, though, there are additional maintenance steps to consider. Draining the petrol (but not diesel), using antifreeze, and keeping batteries safely stored are all key steps. Attachments should be cleaned and stored away too.

Finally, whether you need to store farm machinery or farm tools in your storage unit, you should always make an itemised list of your inventory. After all, remembering every item after months of not using them may prove difficult. 


Farm storage tool idea inside self storage units

When storage facilities on your agricultural land are insufficient, self storage units offer a fantastic alternative. At Squab Storage, all of our locations provide a range of benefits including;

  • Secure storage for 24/7 protection,
  • Easy access to your storage unit when needed,
  • Large storage units suitable for farm tools,
  • Excellent support if needed for transporting your goods.

When choosing self storage for farm tools, it’s also important to pack your goods in an efficient fashion. In addition to the advice above, you should consider buying racks for tools like rakes, spades, and weeding hoes. Shelving can be used for storing boxes and batter packs while items like wheelbarrows should be stored directly on the floor. They should also be turned upside down rather than overloaded with goods.

Other items may be secured in place with straps, chains, and other accessories. Meanwhile, the height of your self storage unit will allow you to keep tall equipment safely locked away for the off season too.

For further advice on storing farm tools with a self storage unit, contact Squab Storage to discuss the possibilities today.