Very few of us are blessed with massive sheds or garages, which means we have to make do with the limited space available.

That might seem like an impossible task when you consider how much stuff you have knocking around. But just like anything in life, there are some neat tricks you can pull off to make a small space feel much bigger.

Today, we’ve got five ideas for maximising the storage space in your shed or garage.


  1. Make use of good, old-fashioned cabinets

Sometimes, the best solutions are the most obvious, and there’s a good reason cabinets can still be found in so many garages.

The best news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. If you’ve recently undertaken a kitchen renovation, for instance, those old cabinets might do the trick, or a quick hunt on Facebook Buy and Sell might reveal a bunch of cabinets someone wants to get rid of for free.

Don’t be afraid to hang cabinets in your shed or on your garage walls in order to maximise the floor space you have and fit more in.


  1. Use the walls!

There’s a lot more you can do with your walls, beyond installing the aforementioned cabinets.

For instance, wall organisers are a great way to remove loose items from the floor or shelving and add some order to proceedings. They come in all manner of configurations and sizes and enable you to attach stuff to the wall so that it is readily available.

You can do the same with pegboards, and anything else which helps you free up that all-important floor space.


  1. Add overhead or ceiling storage

Look above you – is there any empty space within the ceiling of your garage or shed? Why not fill it?

After all, this is a space you don’t physically interact with on a daily basis, but there’s probably quite a lot of it. Long items such as surfboards or garden parasols or ladders can often be stored overhead and out of the way.

You’ll probably need an expert to help build a storage solution for the ceiling of your garage, but it’ll be worth the investment, because you’ll practically be adding another storage room to your home.


  1. Use a folding workbench

It doesn’t take long for garages to get out of hand. Before you know it, they’re full of tools, machinery, and bikes, and you spend your entire time cursing and tripping over everything.

There’s a smart answer to this frustrating problem, and it lies with foldable versions of the stuff you already have. For instance, folding workbenches are superb when it comes to packing them away while out of use; they practically disappear from sight.

Take a look around – what else can you potentially convert to a foldable version in your garage or shed?


  1. Buy some canvas storage bags

If you’re forever putting things in your garage only to remove them shortly after, you might be fed up with the empty storage boxes that are leftover.

By using canvas storage bags instead, you can easily pack away the storage itself while it’s not in use. They can be packed flat and stored away, completely out of view and without taking up valuable space in your shed or garage

There is one other option, of course, which is to opt for a self-storage solution for the belongings that you won’t need regular access to.

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