Have you ever used a self-storage service before?

If so, you may have used it for the obvious: storing possessions and furniture while waiting to move home.

However, that’s just one example of how homeowners can use self-storage spaces. They’re actually far more flexible than that and can be put to a wide range of uses.

We know a thing or two about self-storage, and we also know how our own customers have put these units to the test. And that got us thinking (I know – dangerous, right?): what if we were to put together a full list of self-storage ideas?

So, here it is – eight of our favourite self-storage ideas (inspired by our clients).


  1. You’ve run out of space!

Unless you have a particularly large home and live on your own, you’re almost guaranteed to run out of space at some stage. Equally, most new homes have little to no storage space available, with lofts and garages either converted into extra bedrooms, playrooms, or office space.

This is where self-storage is particularly useful. Why not use it to store the possessions you don’t use regularly, and free up space in your home?


  1. You’re moving

This is probably the most obvious use case for self-storage, but it’s easy to overlook the benefits on offer.

A self-storage unit will enable you to completely clear your home before you move if there’s a timing difference between completion. That’s a huge weight off your mind – trust us.


  1. You’re downsizing

Time to move to a smaller property? Chances are, you’ll have belongings which aren’t going to fit but which you’re not quite ready to let go of just yet.

In such circumstances, self-storage will provide the ideal, safe place in which to hold onto the things in your life that still have a place – somewhere.


  1. You need to declutter

After living somewhere for a while, it’s natural for the place to get a little untidy and cluttered. Thankfully, self-storage will finally remove any excuse you have for a good declutter.

During that process, you’ll inevitably want to keep some items, and if they’re too big for your current home, you could keep them safe in a self-storage unit for future use.


  1. It’s decorating time!

Ok, you may not be looking forward to getting covered in paint and wallpaper paste, but if you’re keen to get on with some decorating regardless, self-storage might be your knight in shining armour.

Rather than painting around your furniture or run the risk of damaging your expensive TV, you can instead move all of that stuff to a self-storage unit to give you a clean, uncluttered space in which to decorate.


  1. The kids are growing up

Parents both relish and fear the thought of their kids growing up. One thing is for sure, though – they’ll probably leave loads of possessions behind as they get older and eventually move out.

Whether it’s toys, a buggy, or anything else from their childhood which you really don’t want to give up (or which might be useful in the future), self-storage is the ideal place to keep it all.

It’s a similar story if there’s a new arrival on the way. Your spare room might need to become a nursery, and self-storage will provide a great location for the furniture that’s in there currently.


  1. You’ve got lots of seasonal items

Garden furniture, bikes and your hefty lawnmower are just some examples of the seasonal items you probably don’t use for long stretches of the year. The same goes for any tools and equipment which only sees occasional use.

If that’s the case and you don’t have a garage or shed in which to store them, self-storage is a really cost-effective solution.


  1. You’re off on your travels

Heading abroad for an extended period of time? Whether it’s for pleasure or business, you probably have certain items at home you want to keep ultra-safe.

The chances of you being burgled while away are still thankfully low, but self-storage will provide extra peace of mind.

Similarly, if you’re renting the property out while you’re away, a self-storage unit is the ideal solution for clearing out your belongings.

See? There are so many uses for self-storage!

If we’ve got your creative juices flowing and you realise you need to hire a unit for one of the reasons above (or something entirely different), just get in touch with the Squab team.