There’s a misconception that self-storage is only really useful when you’re moving to a new house, but that simply isn’t the case.

In fact, self-storage facilities can be put to a number of brilliant uses – particularly if you’re running a business and lack the space needed to undertake certain tasks or store stock.

Running out of space in homes and offices is common, but it doesn’t mean you need to relocate. That’s one of the main reasons self-storage can be so useful; it helps you reclaim space which really ought to be yours.

Here are six ideas for using self-storage as a business which you may not have thought of.


  1. Run your business from a unit!

Why not? If you’re running an eCommerce business or some other form of retail outfit where you need somewhere to store stock before it’s shipped, self-storage could be the perfect solution.

The great thing about self-storage is that it’s generally available around the clock, and that means you can visit whenever you need to. This can be very useful for businesses which simply don’t have the space on site to store their stock or other deliverables.


  1. Archive those important docs – off site

We’re still some way from the reality of paperless businesses, and there are plenty of firms out there that still retain significant amounts of hard copy documentation.

This is sometimes unavoidable – particularly if you work in an industry where regulations state that you have to keep documents on file for a specific amount of time.

Storing important files on site is a burden – especially when it relates to personal or confidential data. So, why not leave it somewhere ultra-safe such as a self-storage unit instead? That’s one weight off your mind!


  1. Store equipment – securely

If your business relies on expensive or hard-to-source equipment to provide its services or build its products, self-storage might come in handy.

Kit which isn’t used regularly, or which is put to pasture for specific periods during the year, is probably more secure if its stored off site. In some instances, this can help lower insurance premiums, but it’ll always provide greater peace of mind.


  1. Satisfy longer supply chains

We’re living in a world at the moment where supply chains are getting longer, and that means there’s more stock being held, waiting to satisfy orders.

If you can find a self-storage service which offers a deliver and dispatch service, you’ll be able to both reclaim space on site and ensure anything held offsite can be quickly redistributed.


  1. Keep seasonal stock out of sight

If your business has seasonal stock or materials that’s only used once or twice a year (for instance, Christmas stock or decorations), self-storage will help you reclaim the space it needlessly takes up.

This makes total sense: why store stuff on site which has no value for your business for 90% of the year? By instead moving it to a secure location, you can retain its value and ensure it’s immediately available when the time arises.


  1. Space to work on something top-secret!

Got a project underway which you need to keep away from prying eyes? Self-storage might be the best place in which to store it while it’s half-baked or simply not ready for unveiling internally.

Remember – self storage units can be accessed at any time; therefore, you can drop in whenever you need to work on something that needs to remain behind closed doors.

There’s one simple way to work out whether or not your business should take advantage of a self-storage service. If the space that’s being taken up is worth more to you than whatever it is that’s occupying it, self-storage is a great solution.

Have we got you excited about the role self-storage could play in your business?

If any of the ideas above have piqued your interest or if you’d simply like to talk to someone about storage units for your business, just get in touch with the Squab team.