If you’ve only just started thinking about the idea of using a self-storage unit for your business, you’re not alone. It’s something that’s becoming increasingly popular among savvy business owners.

It’s not the first thing you think of, either. This is why so many businesses needlessly take up loads of space at their premises with kit, files, and stock which would be far better stored off site.

However, renting your own warehouse isn’t particularly cost-effective, and you’ll end up being tied into a long contract which you may not need.

So, self-storage is a great option. But what can your business realistically store in that space?


Online stock

If you’re running an Amazon Marketplace store, eBay shop or your own eCommerce site, you’ll begin to accumulate stock pretty quickly.

By placing that stock into self-storage, it’ll be safe and immediately accessible, whenever you need it. Pick the right self-storage firm, and they may even handle the deliveries for you!


Brick-and-mortar stock

If you’re running a traditional brick-and-mortar store, a self-storage unit could be ideal for the stock for which you don’t have room at your premises.

This is often the case when your physical store is simply too small to retain lots of stock. By instead storing the stock off site in self-storage, you’ll regain vital space for customers and the items you do need to have on hand.

A self-storage space can also be very useful if you have seasonal stock which needs packing away during the off-season. Why allow that stuff to clutter your store, after all?


Furniture, clothes, and collectibles

If your business deals with antique furniture, large amounts of clothing, or collectibles, self-storage is ideal.

If this is you, it’s likely that your stock is of high value, therefore rather than risk your insurance premium and the security of your premises, try offloading that stock to self-storage instead.

The same goes if you’re a fashion designer. Your creations will doubtless mean an awful lot to you, and self-storage is one of the best ways to keep them away from prying eyes.

Pick the right self-storage unit, and you’ll benefit from much higher levels of security and the peace of mind that only you have the key.


Trade equipment

Plumbers, electricians, and builders accumulate a lot of gear as their businesses grow.

This is unavoidable, but it does create plenty of security headaches. Stories of van break-ins and garage burglaries are all too common, but that’s where self-storage can really come in handy.

Such a space is perfect to store kit, stock, and the numerous tools you need to run your business. If you pick a self-storage unit that’s local to you and which offers 24/7 access, a quick trip to pick up the bits you need each morning is all that’s required.

It’s a bit like having your own private garage, only one that’s considerably more secure than the garage attached to your house (and a million times more secure than the back of your van!).


Bicycle equipment

In 2020, lots of people turned their hobbyist skills into living, breathing businesses.

Let’s take one example: bicycle repairs. If you’ve decided to set up your own business to help the sudden surge of new bicycle owners in the UK, a self-storage unit will give you somewhere to store all of the kit and spares you’ll inevitably start to accumulate.


Theatre gear

Running a theatre company? You may never have thought about using self-storage for your business. But we bet you’ve regularly cursed the lack of space you have to store your props, performance costumes, and lighting gear.

Self-storage is the answer. It’s a low-cost space in which you can store the items you’re not currently using, while simultaneously regaining vital rehearsal space at your venue!


Why pick Squab?

If we’ve convinced you that self-storage is a viable option for your business, you might be wondering why you should choose Squab.

Businesses based locally to us will benefit from a space that’s accessible 24/7 and ultra-secure. We’ll even handle collections and deliveries for you!

Just get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.