At Squab, we’re well known for our flexible, safe, and secure storage facilities designed to suit a range of needs. Today, we thought it would be helpful to discuss the benefits of crate storage and the different ways that it can work for you.


What’s The Difference Between Crate Storage and Our Storage Rooms?

The main difference between crate storage and our storage rooms is the accessibility factor. Our storage rooms are a space for you to arrange and pack your belongings as you wish, lock the door, and return whenever you next need to bring or leave something. Storage crates work in a slightly different way from this and are usually used for seasonal, generally unneeded, or bulky items that would otherwise take up lots of space in a storage room.


How Does Crate Storage Work?

Our durable purpose-built wooden crates are designed to be stacked on top of one another in our climate-controlled warehouse, meaning we can fit more crates into one space. The robust wooden crates are solid and sturdy, keeping your belongings safe from damage, and are labelled for easy identification.


What Can I Put in Crate Storage?

You can put almost anything in crate storage! In fact, anything that you would put in a storage box or in a storage room can be put into our crates and stored safely in our warehouse.

For more information visit our blog here about what can and cannot be put into storage.


What Are the Most Common Uses for Crate Storage?

Some of the most common uses for crate storage include

  • Building a new home
  • Moving abroad
  • Moving house
  • Downsizing
  • Renovations
  • Long term storage
  • Large items and furniture
  • Rental Storage
  • Inherited goods
  • Seasonal items


How much Can I Fit Inside a Crate?

Our purpose-built wooden crates are 35 sq/ft, equivalent to the size of a Transit van. Loading your crates are easy, simply come to the store, put your belongings into the crate and we will do the rest.


How Do I Access My Belongings?

Two days’ notice and a small service charge is required for us to retrieve your crate(s) from our warehouse facilities in Leamington Spa and also Evesham.

If you’re interested in hiring one of our secure storage facilities or would like to find out more information, contact a member of our friendly team today.