When was the last time you wore that pair of jeans? What about those trainers you bought from America three years ago? Have you ever worn them?

It’s thought that we only wear 50% of our wardrobes, and that means most of us have a significant number of clothes which are either gathering dust or taking up valuable space at home.

The good news? There’s an answer, and it lies in self-storage.

That’s right – self-storage isn’t just a brilliant idea for when you’re moving home or offices. Today, we’ll explain why it could also solve your wardrobe problem once and for all.


Why should I store away my clothes?

The same study we referenced at the start of this blog post also reveals just how delusional many of us are about the number of clothes we think we wear.

In the UK, as much as 73% of a household’s wardrobe doesn’t see any wear each year. If you’re shocked, that explains why 39% of those people had absolutely no idea that was the case.

Clothing is about as seasonal as possessions come. Sure, you’ll wear your big coat throughout the winter, but what about when the mercury starts to rise? Woolly jumpers and winter hats and scarves can be quite bulky when you add them up. Similarly, the countless summer shoes, flip flops, and shorts you wear during the warmer months won’t see the light of day for at least 50% of the year.

That means you probably have a huge number of clothes, shoes, and accessories taking up invaluable space in your home. Space which, these days, really is at a premium.

What if you could take the space which is currently occupied by unworn clothing and make better use of it? Wardrobes are big, bulky items, and the ability to remove them could leave space for a new home office or some much needed additional floorspace.


How can self-storage help me declutter?

Is your loft full? Don’t like the idea of storing your clothes there? If you’ve completely run out of ideas for where to store your seasonal clothing, self-storage could be the answer.

A self-storage location is ideal because it’s your own personal space to which you have access whenever you need it. But the beauty of these spaces is that they don’t encroach on your home; they’re completely separate, which means you can reclaim vital square footage.

The misconception with self-storage units is that they’re only of use if you’re either moving home or need to store large personal or business items.

That isn’t the case. Self-storage units can be used for pretty much anything (within reason) and clothing is a great example of something which, more often than not, will be far more appropriately stored away from your home.


Won’t it be more work than it’s worth?

Not at all. Self-storage is far more convenient to use than you might think. You’ll have your own access code and it’ll be available 24/7, every day of the year.

For instance, that means at the end of the summer, you can take your clothing for that season and store it away, safe in the knowledge that you can nip back in and grab something whenever the need arises.

It’s also super secure. In fact – and as unlikely as a burglary is – it might even be more secure than your home. This makes self-storage for clothing ideal if you have particularly valuable items that you’d rather keep away from prying eyes (that includes relatives!).

If we’ve piqued your interest in self-storage for clothing, just get in touch with the Squab team to find out how we can help you declutter your home.