4 Incredible Tips To Improve Productivity And Grow Your Business

The need to improve productivity and stimulate business growth has increased, along with technology advances and customer expectations. Productivity refers to how well a business converts its capital, machines, materials, and labour into services, goods, or output. In reality, increasing or improving productivity simply means working smarter. Which in turn helps achieve greater business growth.

Fortunately, you can easily look for new opportunities to improve productivity just anywhere in your business. Here are 4 incredible tips to improve productivity and grow your business.

  1. 4 Incredible Tips To Improve Productivity And Grow Your Business
  2. Reducing Clutter For Improved Productivity With A Self Storage Unit
  3. Using Technology Improvements for Your Operations To Bring Business Growth
  4. Continuous Improvement Approach For Ongoing Business Growth And Productivity
  5. Enhancing Employee Engagement For Natural Productivity And Business Growth
  6. Working Smarter Is What Brings Improved Productivity And Business Growth

Reducing Clutter For Improved Productivity With A Self Storage Unit

It can be exciting to see your business grow, but there are often challenges along the way. Finding bigger office spaces can be difficult and expensive, which is definitely not practical for most growing businesses. Self storage units can help you with issues like expansions, as you can store equipment, cabinets, files, and other business paraphernalia that you currently need to store. You can free up a lot of space in your actual office, removing clutter and reducing stress while letting you add in more workstations for your employees.

Another reason why renting a self storage unit is advisable is because it adds peace of mind knowing that your equipment or business files are safe. In the office, the security of your items will always depend on you, which can also be costly. But with a self storage facility, they will be the one to take care of this for you. Choose a business storage facility that has alarm systems and video surveillance. You can also expect security fences and gates with personal access codes.

Of course, renting a self storage unit is definitely cheaper and more flexible. Unlike renting an office space, you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts, because you can always pay on a month to month basis. You can rent the unit for a short period of time or for as long as you want, for as long as you pay on a monthly basis. You also don’t have to worry about taxes, electricity or anything else because all you have to pay for is the space that you are renting.

Renting a storage unit can become an asset to any business that is continuously growing. You can either choose one that’s near your office or home, whichever is more convenient for you. If this is your first time renting a unit worry not, because most self storage facilities have great customer service. They can assist you with everything that you need, including the right size you need for your business.

Using Technology Improvements for Your Operations To Bring Business Growth

Website based technologies will help you to improve your business dramatically. If you are looking to increase efficiency, reduce cost, while increasing market share and preventing customer service problems, then you will benefit from web-based technologies. The available production management tools range from software solutions to spreadsheets, or custom developed, business specific applications. Here are a few samples of these applications that you may need:

Smart Inventory Systems – A smart inventory system can help reduce inventory levels, while improving profitability and speeding up the response time for your customers. Integrate your order and online management systems to your inventory information with e-business systems, accounting, and purchasing. This will help you to easily track all order status and the inventory’s movement within your business. You will also be able to identify low and peak periods, letting you adjust the supply purchases and better manage your capital.

E-Purchasing – E-purchasing or more popularly known as online buying is a great alternative vehicle that you can use to get all the materials that you need from your suppliers. This type of technology will enable you to get competitive pricing because you will no longer be limited to just your local merchants. The processing cost transactions will be reduced and there will be less paperwork to work on.

Using technology for your operations will keep you updated on the latest technological developments and make sure that your business is making the most out of the latest innovations to enhance productivity. To ensure that you stay on top of technology, it is best to attend trade shows or use the internet to browse and update yourself. Trade shows are a great way to keep yourself updated because software vendors often share their information to attendees.

You can also network with the other businesses in your industry that may have already tested these new innovations. Knowing what your competitors are up to can help narrow down your search for solutions that are specifically intended to your industry.

Continuous Improvement Approach For Ongoing Business Growth And Productivity

As you all know, improving your productivity is an ongoing approach. Here are some of the useful suggestions for a continuous plan of improvement:

  • Begin by assessing the competition and all the practices in your line of industry, or also known as benchmarking. But make sure not to copy any plans of other businesses, it is always better to develop one that perfectly works for your own business.
  • Ask for external help to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business. This will give you a viewpoint from which you can redesign and improve the productivity and process of your business.
  • Take a step-by-step approach instead of tackling everything all at once. Letting yourself focus on lesser priorities will let you see results immediately.
  • You should assign certain teams to specific processes or problems for redesign.
  • For your employees, you need to put a formal suggestion system to be more organised.
  • Look for accomplishments, as small improvements can help transform into increases in business productivity.
  • Start measuring the results. Usually this should be done by an outside party.

Another cost effective way to help focus all your efforts on what your business can do while making productivity gains is outsourcing. But make sure to know what is driving the costs and profits in your business, whether you choose IT, public relations, payroll, accounting, or outsource logistics. Before you begin, it is essential to assess the current costs and production, including client proximity, shipment, and location. You exactly need to know the functions that increase revenues and the ones that increase the expenses, thus affecting your business’ overall productivity.

A lot of businesses don’t involve themselves in outsourcing opportunities because they think that it might cause them to lose control of their business, while some are concerned about the expenses that they might incur. Of course, these are valid concerns but if you take the right steps, outsourcing may actually work just fine for your business.

Enhancing Employee Engagement For Natural Productivity And Business Growth

While financial compensation for the hard work of your employees is encouraged to help increase productivity, more employees are more likely to be productive if they find their work to be rewarding. The same goes if they feel like they are being heard on a human level.

Based on research, a low employee engagement is one of the most common problems for businesses of all sizes. Employees that are happy are engaged better, thus helps in creating better output. This simply means that there is an increase in productivity, while also maximising the wellbeing of employees. Here are some of the things that you can do to help the productivity of your employees for your business:

  • Take personal interest in your employees’ work, which usually include by asking them their opinion on how to approach difficulties, how they are finding a specific project, or just congratulating them for the job that they did.
  • Give your employees a sense of direction and you can do this by finding out what they need out of their work, and how you can assist them in achieving the goals that they have using coaching and other assistance programs. For the business owner, having business coaching is often worthwhile. While for other employees coaching from managers can be good enough.
  • Explore certain platforms, and gain benefit from specific custom engagement surveys that are combined with a wellbeing monitor that lets you drive performance while keeping all of their mental health in check.
  • Give your employees specific tools that can help manage specific aspects of their roles. This will help them have a sense of autonomy, while also freeing up your managers to concentrate on more important tasks. One example would be enabling creative freedom so your employees can find innovative solutions to certain problems.
  • Let your employees breathe. Usually, when employees have too much to do but don’t have enough time to do it, can end up for your employees to feel burnout, exhausted, and stressed. Efficiently working whether by reallocation of responsibilities and roles, or lessening the time spent on daily processes can result for employees to better cope with work.

All these can lead to improvements in quality of work life and work environment for both the employer and the employees. Managing time better will lead to a more organised, efficient, and relaxed employees who can all focus on their daily tasks rather than them worrying about the things that they are not getting to.

Working Smarter Is What Brings Improved Productivity And Business Growth

These are the top 4 incredible tips to improve productivity and grow your business. Always remember that better productivity will always start with business leaders who are providing frameworks that are achievable for success. Unless you create changes to the way you work, it will be a challenge to improve productivity or business growth, unless it is already happening. When you enhance the working environment, improve the way that staff are looked after, and increase efficiencies with storage, personnel and business practices, then you will improve productivity and pave the way for incredible business growth with ease.