Moving home can be equally as exciting as it can be overwhelming. Some even say it can be one of the most stressful experiences that we encounter during our adult lives. Using a self-storage facility such as Squab Storage can make your move a much smoother process, allowing you to focus on the more important things and settle into your new home.



So, you’ve decided to put your house on the market and you’re about to begin what feels like the never-ending task of packing. It’s often not until this point that we realise just how much stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. Taking items you had totally forgotten about may seem a little pointless.

Decluttering your home before you begin packing will save you money in the long run when it comes to paying for removals. Most removal companies charge by the number of journeys back and forth it will take to move all your belongings. Decluttering before you move will allow much more space in the van for your important items, will require fewer trips, and means you only pack what you’d like to use in your new home. Using a storage facility for the items that you no longer require can be helpful when it comes to selling or storing items before disposal. Here are 10 creative ways to declutter your home.



It’s understandable that many people want to get unpacked as soon as possible after moving into a new home. Waiting a couple of days to begin unpacking will allow you to plan each room and decide exactly what furniture needs to go where. It can be difficult to manoeuvre around the house when you first move in due to the sheer number of boxes taking up so much space. By unpacking only the basics to begin with, you’ll have time and space to carefully unpack each room without feeling too overwhelmed.



If you’re moving into a rented property, you may discover that your current furniture doesn’t fit, or perhaps the property is already part or fully furnished. If you’re only staying in rented property short term it can be useful to keep some of your belongings in self-storage rather than unpack to pack it all back up again. The same applies if you choose to temporarily move in with family or friends while you’re waiting to move. Your everyday belongings can go with you, but we’re sure they won’t appreciate you bringing the contents of the shed with you, too!



Does your new home need renovating before you can properly unpack? If you’re renovating your home, you may find the minimum you take with you in the beginning the better. When it comes to painting, recarpeting, and knocking down walls it’s much less stressful to store your belongings with Squab, knowing your belongings are dry, protected, and safe, than attempt to find somewhere to move them and keep them covered from potential damage.


Plan B

Moving house is never as straightforward as it may seem, and unfortunately, things can go wrong at any stage. If you’re buying a home in a chain, it only takes one person or late transaction to cause a huge delay. Timing is crucial and you don’t want to be stuck outside the house with no keys and a removal van full of your belongings. You should always have a plan B when it comes to moving day.

When it comes to your essentials, the best thing to do is pack them in your car for easy accessibility. This includes your kettle, tea bags, mug, and milk! Everything else can be put into secure storage until things are resolved, allowing you peace of mind and the headspace to focus on the next steps.


Moving overseas

If you’re planning on moving overseas or relocating for work, self-storage allows you to travel freely without having to worry about leaving belongings with family or having to move everything with you until you are settled. Whether you’re moving overseas long term or short term, you can store your belongings with Squab Storage at our Leamington Spa, Evesham or Rubery storage facilities, for as long as you require, knowing everything will be safe and secure in your absence.