As Brits, we tend to opt for warm blankets, thick cosy duvets, and heavyweight comforters as soon as the winter months come around. There’s nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a super soft throw, your favourite dressing gown, and a ridiculously fluffy pair of slippers.

When the spring and summer arrives, we’re quick to strip the extra layers off and go for a much lighter, and cooler, option. The issue most homeowners face here is where to store all the extra bedding and blankets safely until the dark nights roll around again.


Storage Options for Winter Bedding

Storing large blankets and winter bedding may not seem a big task until you find yourself having to get creative with storage options. Some of us may have linen cupboards, and although helpful for pillowcases and sheets, they just don’t quite cut it for king-size throws and bulky teddy bear blankets.

At Squab Storage, our storage rooms can be used to store just about anything and are popularly used for seasonal storage.


Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage is a great way of getting the BBQ, camping gear, paddling pools and sun loungers out of the garage or shed during the winter months. This applies to Summer too, when you don’t find yourself reaching for the Christmas decorations, wellies, snow shovels, extra pillows, beddings and thick coats.

Squab Storage is the perfect solution for seasonal storage, allowing you to use the space in your home wisely. Our flexible, high-quality storage services mean you can store away your belongings safely in an environmentally controlled storage room with a peace of mind security guarantee.


How To Prepare Bedding for Storage

One of the most important factors when it comes to storing bedding safely is making sure it’s clean, fresh and dry. Any dirty blankets and bedding MUST be washed and thoroughly dried before they are put into storage. Folding away a dirty or damp blanket is a recipe for disaster and mould and mildew will be making itself at home in no time.


What Type of Storage Should I Use?

To avoid bedding and blankets smelling or becoming damaged we recommend that you store them appropriately. You may think that plastic storage boxes or vacuum bags are the answer, but they restrict airflow and trap moisture, creating the perfect breeding ground for mould if the items are not completely dry to begin with.


Below Are 3 Bedding Storage Options:


Cotton Storage Bags

Cotton storage bags are great for protecting fabric against dust, bugs and mould due to them allowing airflow. If you don’t have any cotton storage bags, then you could try wrapping your bedding in cotton sheets before storing them.


Use Comforter Hangers

If you wish to hang your quilts and blankets instead of folding them, then comforter hangers and a clothes rail may be your best bet here. This will allow air to circulate through the fabric whilst minimising creases.


Acid-Free Boxes and Tissue Paper

For long term storage, we recommend using acid-free boxes to store your blankets and bedding. Using tissue paper between the items helps to prevent creasing and keeps fluff from transferring. This is our suggested way of storing bedding and blankets for seasonal storage.


How To Refresh Bedding After Storage

When stored correctly in one of our temperature-controlled storage rooms, you shouldn’t have any issues with refreshing your bedding ready to use again. Simply hang your blankets outside in the sun, and this will freshen them up and help to drop any deep creases that may have developed during the time they spent in storage.

Locations with temperature-controlled storage rooms:

If you want your blankets to smell super fresh, place some dryer sheets in-between the folded bedding. This will keep them smelling clean and dryer fresh for much longer.

If you’re interested in storing away your winter blankets, bedding and festive goods when the dark and cold months are over, get in touch with Squab Storage today to find out more.