It’s one of the most wonderful periods of your life, but the arrival of a new baby does usually require a bit of a shake-up at home.

That spare room you’ve been using as an office, bolthole, or dumping ground will soon have a very exciting new role.

But what about all the stuff you’ve accumulated in that room? And, more pressingly, what if the impending arrival of your little one has prompted a home move?

Good news! Self-storage is far more than just a space in which to store stuff – it could be your knight in shining armour for a number of reasons on the lead up to your new arrival.


Clear some space

If the room you intend to turn into a nursery is currently full of boxes from your house move or has always been the room into which you just chuck things you don’t use regularly, now is the time to clear some space.

The best way to do this is:

  • sell the items you’ll never use again on eBay or Facebook marketplace; and
  • place everything else in self-storage.

This task requires brutal honesty. Are you ever going to get on that treadmill? If not, get rid of it. Know you’ll want that box of kit but have no need for it now? Put it in self-storage.

In doing so, you’ll not only clear space for the little one’s things – but you’ll also find it an incredibly therapeutic process, too.


(Temporarily) pack up the man/woman cave

Sorry. We had to cover this one. And yes, we know you love those Sunday night PlayStation sessions.

They’ll return. We promise. But for now, if you don’t have anywhere else to which you can relocate your little escape cave, you’ll need to temporarily move those prized possessions.

Self-storage is a great option for this, because you can go back and get whatever it is you suddenly realise you desperately need to play with, whenever you want, without it taking up space elsewhere at home.


Store that mountain of gifts

You’re going to receive gifts for the baby – a lot of gifts. You’ll also feel obliged to accept the hand-me-downs which your friends and family appear to take such pleasure in offloading on your doorstep. People will give you clothes for 5 year-olds when your child is born; it’s one of life’s inevitable facts.

Rather than turn them away or smile sweetly while mentally consigning everything to the next charity shop run, why not instead put those gifts in self-storage along with the other possessions you’re filing away?

You can then simply grab what you need for the baby, when you need it, without cluttering the house. Nice!


Move your home office

More people than ever are working from home right now. If that’s you, and you’ve got a new arrival incoming, you may need to relocate your home office.

If you don’t have another spare room to use, you may have to temporarily move your workspace to the kitchen table, dining room, or your couch. However, you may not be aware that self-storage facilities like Squab’s often include office space.

That means you can store the bits and pieces from your office which aren’t used regularly, and grab an additional, temporary, book-it-when-you-need-it working space away from home should you ever need a change of scenery or to concentrate away from distractions.


Moving home?

If your new baby has signalled a home move, don’t forget that self-storage is one of the best ways to relieve yourselves of a huge amount of stress on the big day.

Move possessions into self-storage that either aren’t required for the move or use the space as temporary storage for everything you own if you need to rent while waiting for your new home to be ready. It’s that simple.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons self-storage could play a huge role during the arrival of your baby. Just make sure you pick the right space. Get in touch with the Squab team today to find out more.