Self-storage is a brilliant solution if you’re moving home. But there are some misconceptions.

For instance, you may think that self-storage units are all of a standard size and that most people would have trouble filling them. Thankfully, that isn’t the case.

This is great news, because it means you don’t have to pay out for a huge storage unit if you only need somewhere safe to keep the contents of your garden shed or a few stock items or office overflow items for your business.


Say “hello” to the 25 square foot storage unit

At Squab, we offer 25 square foot storage units for home-owners and businesses who don’t need one of our larger spaces.

They’re 25 sq/ft because we know this is the ideal size for small storage requirements. They’ll happily contain the aforementioned contents of your shed, and they’re incredibly easy to fill, too.

For instance, if you’ve got an estate car and the seats can be put down, whatever you can fit into that vehicle should fill one of these smaller storage units.

That means one trip, less hassle on your part and no need to hire a vehicle just for the privilege of transporting your possessions to the storage unit.


Other uses for small storage units

The 25 sq/ft space you’ll have access to in these small self-storage units is roughly the equivalent of a large wardrobe and a few boxes.

This should give you a great idea of what you can store in them. It makes these units perfect for a whole range of storage requirements, such as:

  • clothing;
  • kids toys;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • camping gear
  • garden equipment; and
  • small pieces of furniture.

Our 25 sq/ft storage units are also ideal for those odds and ends we all have but which have no clear storage destination. All you need to do is box them up and leave them in this perfectly sized space. Maybe you’ll want to use them again in future, or maybe you’ll want to sell them on. Either way, it buys you some time. Simple!


They’re perfect for businesses, too

If you’re running a business and you’ve run out of space onsite, a small storage unit could be the perfect solution.

You can fit more than you might think into a 25 sq/ft unit. They’re perfect for archive file storage, and equipment you simply don’t need to always keep at your premises.

Equally, if you’re running a small start-up eCommerce business, a storage unit of this size might be the ideal place in which to store your stock while you focus on growing your business.

Squab can help you grow your business further with the likes of our Deliver & Dispatch offer.


How secure are these smaller storage units?

Very. In fact, as you might expect, they’re just as secure as the larger storage units.

They’re padlocked, only accessible by you, and benefit from being within the perimeter of the latest CCTV and access control system.

The other option is, literally, your garden shed or garage, and they’re unfortunately far less secure than a unit which is looked after around the clock by a team that is dedicated to keeping your possessions safe.


You’ve convinced me; how do I find out more?

Would using a small storage space be helpful for you?

Whether you’re a home-owner or business owner, our 25 sq/ft self-storage units are perfect if you have a limited number of items that need storing.

They’re available to you whenever you need access, and a single trip in an estate car (or a van) is all that’s required to fill them.

Find out more by contacting our team today.