Ever fancied packing up your worldly belongings and heading out into the big, wide world?

Travelling the globe (or just a small portion of it) is at the top of many people’s bucket lists, but it’s often the smallest things which keep them from doing so.

For instance, what about all your stuff? Your home is full of items that you can’t take with you but, equally, which you don’t really fancy leaving unattended for however long it is you’re planning on conquering planet Earth.

Good news: self-storage is the solution, and it’ll enable you to head off without a single worry about the possessions you’re leaving behind.

Here are four reasons it’s so useful for this scenario.


  1. Flexibility is the key

If you decide to leave your belongings with a friend or family member, you’ll feel obliged to get back on time to retrieve them – it’s only fair, after all.

Only, this doesn’t really work when you’re travelling. You need flexibility and zero concern about getting back on time to relieve your friends of your stuff. You know you’re imposing even if they say they don’t mind!

Self-storage offers that flexibility in abundance. You can use the storage for as long as you need and either collect your stuff early or leave it there for longer than you intended. It’s great if you don’t know how long you’re going away for.


  1. Your stuff can still be accessed

Let’s say you’re halfway across the world and realise you need to reference something which is packed away in storage (hey, it happens).

If you use self-storage, you can grant access to anyone while you’re away (it’s completely secure and entirely up to you). That means they can head in, retrieve what you need, and leave the rest of your belongings safely where they are. It’s not always as easy to do this if that item is locked away in your home.


  1. Your stuff won’t get damaged

Unfortunately, if you leave your possessions for an extended period, they’re often at the mercy of the elements.

This is particularly true if you leave them, for instance, in your garage. A long trip away could result in your prized belongings getting damaged by damp or humidity. Depending on what security measures you have in place, you may worry about theft.

In self-storage, they’ll be treated to a perfectly secure and climate-controlled environment, which means your items will be just as you left them when you eventually get back home.


  1. You’ll gain ultimate peace of mind

This is easily the biggest benefit of relying on self-storage for your things while you’re away travelling.

Trust us – if you leave what’s important to you at home, you’ll worry about it, and that’s the last thing you’ll want while trying to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

For all the reasons (and more) mentioned in this blog post, self-storage will provide ultimate peace of mind that your stuff is as safe as it should be while you’re away travelling. It’ll make all the difference – we promise.


Ready to head off?

If you’re ready to make that dream trip a reality but want to ensure your belongings are safe while you’re away, just get in touch with the Squab team to find out more about our self-storage options.