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Storage in Frankley? Contact Squab Storage for quality Midlands based self storage. Wherever you are in the Frankley area, nearby Squab’s Rubery area storage facility has your self storage needs covered with our award winning storage services.

Running out of room in Frankley? Self storage is the answer! Whether you need to clear out your walk-in closet or you’re looking for space to hold your household contents while you move to a new location, we’ve got the ideal self storage unit to meet your needs.

Our small units (4.5–50 sq. ft) are ideal for storing boxes of old clothes, shoe collections, posters, manchester, and more. Our medium-sized units (75–100 sq. ft) are popular with small business owners and residents in Frankley looking for self storage units big enough to house larger items such as furniture, mattresses, trade show props, and business equipment. We also provide large storage units (120–200 sq. ft) that hold the contents of a two, three or four-bedroom house. These units work well for storing the entire contents of your business or household while you relocate, redecorate or completely declutter so you can relax or improve productivity. Whether you need business storage, or home storage, Squab Storage has a solution for you.

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Frankley Self Storage Made Easy!

Step 1

Why pay for space you don’t need? Start by using our online space calculator to find and select the ideal unit to suit your requirements at affordable rates.

Step 2

Head over to the Squab self storage facility at Rubery, close to Frankley, where you can pick up your keys, buy moving and packing supplies from our onsite box shop, and hire a van to help move bigger items.

Step 3

Pack up your belongings and head over to your Rubery self storage unit. Grab one of the free trolleys available onsite to make moving in even easier.


Our facilities have everything you need for safe, secure storage.

Logistics - Transport

Large Loading Bay & Free Trolleys

We make it simple and easy for you to get your belongings into and out of store.

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24/7 CCTV security
You want ultimate peace of mind that your belongings are in the safest possible place – we get that. It’s why the Squab team won’t take their eyes off them.
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On-site box shop
Boxes cause more trouble than they’re worth during a home or office move. That’s why we opened our box shop; it has everything you might need.
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Van hire available
We’ve got a range of vans to suit every single requirement and load, no matter where you’re taking your valuables and furniture to.
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Self Storage Solutions for Frankley

Self storage is about more than just creating more space in your Frankley home and/or business. It’ll save you time and make you more productive too!

Just imagine what you could do with all the time you spend searching for things at home or in the office? The average person spends as much as 6.5 months of their lives searching for things. That’s enough time to write that novel, learn a new language, start an online business, or binge-watch about 20 of the longest-running TV shows from start to finish.

Our Frankley self storage clients can claim this time back by decluttering their homes and offices making it easy to find anything in a few seconds. Plus, you’ll be able to store your goods with confidence, in our purpose-built pest- and weather-resistant self storage units that are individually equipped with fire and intruder alarms. Our entire Frankley area self storage site is also monitored 24/7 by the latest in CCTV systems.

Additional Services

Providing secure, pest- and weather-proof units is what we do, but we also offer self storage clients in Frankley a range of related storage services.

As storage experts, we understand the need for quality packing materials, which you’ll find in abundance in our conveniently located onsite box store.

Affordable and reliable vans are available for hire to help our Frankley self storage customers move their bulky items easily and safely.

If you’re looking for bigger business premises in Frankley, our self storage site includes business centres with all you need to run your business and store your stock in one convenient location.